Why Japan

Japan is a highly developed country with a very high standard of living and Human Development Index. Its population enjoys the highest life expectancy and third lowest infant mortality rate in the world, but is experiencing issues due to an aging population and low birthrate.

Jobs In Japan

It is estimated that more than 75% of foreign students get part-time jobs in Japan. The part-time job in Japan is spelled as Arbeit and pronounced as Arubaito (アルバイト). With a student visa, those 28 hours of part-time work can be used in any number of ways. As a plus, when school is not in session, visa holders can work up to 40 hours per week.

Visa Process

Visitors Intended Stay Abroad or VISA for short originated from the Latin word “Charta Visa “or “the paper which has been seen” is the conditional authority or permission granted by a Country typically to Foreign Travelers to enter that Country and stay in it for a designated period of time and then leave the Country. You need to be attaining Visa to be able to travel to Japan and explore the life of an international student in Japan by yourself. Depending on the length of stay and nationality, either a tourist or student visa may be required

Colleges & Universities

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