You can find a plenty of jobs in Australia, before your course completes: • Fruit Picking, Thinning, Pruning, Packing • Retail Assistant • SALES ASSOCIATE - FULL TIME/CASUAL • Sales Assistant • Visitor Information Centre Assistant • Barista and many more. When your course completes you can work in the relevant field as per your choice.
The national minimum wage will increase in Australia on 1 July 2018 by 3.5%. The new national minimum wage is $719.20 per week, for a 38-hour week, or $18.93 per hour. You'll need to apply the wage increase for your employees from the first full pay period starting on or after 1 July.
You might be curious; what your qualification will reward you after your completion of course. Here, is a bit of description on the topic.
Posts Estimated Average Salaries
NET Software Developer / Programmer Salary   AU$68,904  
Assistant in Nursing (AIN)   AU$45,139
Attorney / Lawyer, (Law Firm)   AU$69,348
Business Analyst, Finance/Banking AU$82,351
Business Analyst, IT AU$82,351
Child Care Leader   AU$45,847
Childcare Worker   AU$19,286 - AU$54,008
Dental Assistant AU$23,736 - AU$56,653
Early Childhood Educator (ECE)

AU$37,923 - AU$66,680
 Land Surveyor

AU$50,936 - AU$109,997
Marketing Assistant AU$38,611 - AU$57,446
Medical Receptionist AU$29,970 - AU$56,145
Optometrist AU$68,204 - AU$116,078

AU$48,180 - AU$98,652
Pharmacist AU$40,033 - AU$97,374
Physiotherapist AU$50,336 - AU$88,865 
Psychologist   AU$50,591 - AU$97,826 

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